Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordcount Wednesday

So let's see here. What can I say about writing this week? I did more work on my entries for Marcher Lord Select (you read that right, I'm in both the main and premise contests. Double your . . . never mind). I also did some promo work for said contest.

Oh, and I also got a highly encouraging rejection letter. And yes, you read that right too.

Funny thing about rejection letters. A few years back, I would have been devastated by a rejection slip from an editor or agent. Now I expect them. I'm even thinking of getting a frame so I can proudly display my latest.

Especially this one. It was for Numb but the agent in question had a few positive things to say about it and he even included some suggestions.

This is well nigh unheard of. You better believe I'm going to be paying attention.

So that's it for me this week. I'm continuing my "time-line" read-through on Numb. I've been doing a lot of mulching on a new story idea with my brothers-in-law. I call this one the superhero story. Catchy, no? Well, it's a work in progress. Not even in progress, I guess. Maybe a work in preparation. More on it when the time comes.

Now to go find a good frame . . .

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