Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wordcount Wednesday

So I had hoped to get a bit deeper on what I'm hoping is part of the final polish on Numb. Well, maybe not the final one. Don't know what I'll find. For example, I think I'll need to take a sprint through and construct a time line for the whole story and backstory. I keep getting this feeling like I'm missing something there, like something doesn't quite sync up.

I had hoped to post a full wordcount but I can't. I'm only on chapter 17 of 48. I did add the chapter I mentioned last week, which came in at 1,614 words. I'll post a full wordcount after I make it through this read-through.

I've also sent out a few more hooks, some requested chapters, a proposal, a query. No word yet from any of it, but I'll keep all y'all posted on that also.

Back at it then.

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