Thursday, October 01, 2009

Wordcount "Wednesday"

A day late but not necessarily a dollar short.

I really don't have a worcount update per se. Instead of working on books, I've been working on proposals. In the aftermath of the ACFW National Conference, I've been sending out material to editors and agents. One agent asked for a proposal on Numb. That went in the mail on Monday. Another editor asked for three chapters and a synopsis of Return of the Mourning Dove. That was bundled up and sent via e-mail on Tuesday night.

Over the past week, I learned I hate writing synopses. The Mourning Dove synopsis that I originally wrote was three and a half pages long. But with some major editing, I managed to cut it down to two pages, which seems to be the industry norm. Now I just have to wait and see what happens.

I was actually tempted to title this blog post "Bombs Away," but I'm trying to maintain a more positive attitude here.

While I wait, I'll be going back into those books to do some more editing. I have to add another chapter (I'm thinking) to Numb and then go through the succeeding chapters to harmonize it all. And there's a major change that needs to be made to Mourning Dove, a complete scene rewrite, plus lots of little edits, tweaks, and tightenings that need to be made.

Plus this week, I'm starting the brainstorm/mulching process for a book idea that my darling wife gave me last week. It has some fun potential, but right now, it's only a conflict concept between two characters.

And so long as I'm talking writing and books, have you placed your order at Marcher Lord Press yet? They have just released their third list of novels, all of them Christian sci-fi! And for the next few days, they're running bundle sales. You can pick up some really sweet stuff at a great price. Go go go!

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jenness said...

Let us know what happens! :-) Best wishes with your projects.