Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I must be stopped

I cannot be allowed near a Borders again, especially not if they're having a going out of business sale. I spent an hour in one today and bought way too many books. My to-be-read pile has pretty much exploded. Here's what I mean:

No, I didn't buy all of those today. Maybe only a quarter of them. But those are all the books that I have lurking on my dresser that need to be read.

Worse, sitting on top of the right hand stack is my Kindle, which has at least eighteen more books that need to be read as well.

To top it off, I know that Marcher Lord Press's spring list is coming out in a month.

Wow. Good thing I like to read.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I can so relate. I think I have you beat on the to-be-read pile. Mine is so huge, my father-in-law bought me a bookshelf because he was tired of seeing me stacking them on the floor.

Bookish Mind said...

wow! I'm so envious...hehehe! I just couldn't resist buying books. Whenever I get around a bookstore...somebody needs to really, really stop me from entering...and buying books!
Good thing English books here in Korea are expensive, so that keeps me from indulging. :-D
Happy Reading!