Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Real Life Superhero in Seattle

This one just boggles the mind. There is a group of people in Seattle dressing up as costumed vigilantes:

I'm usually not one to tell someone how to do his job, but if Phoenix Jones ever stops by my little corner of the internet, I do have some constructive criticism.

You don't invite reporters to show where the entrance to your Batcave is. I'm just saying.

But it still boggles my mind that there are eight of them doing this. Suddenly my superhero story, Failstate, doesn't seem quite so fictional anymore.


Adele Treskillard said...

So AWESOME ... but yeah, good point about the Batcave. LOL This is just ... perfect. People should dress up as Robin Hood and do this kind of thing. Robin Hood, in his original legend, was very much like this. Forget about the later ideas of robbery and gold.


Robert Treskillard said...

Very cool, John! We got an article about this a year or so ago from relatives, but I had forgotten it completely.

Taser night-stick? Bullet-proof vest? Stab-plates? Mace?

I don't think I'd want to be on his wrong side!