Wednesday, June 24, 2009

CSFF Blog Tour: Vanish Day Three

Well, this is embarrassing. I, once again, seem to have peaked too early. I know I promised some spleen-venting today, but as I thought about it, I realized that it wouldn't be fair to vent on Tom Pawlik or Vanish. What has me upset is not Pawlik's fault. He told the story he had and my grumbling is more at the market in general than one book in particular. Let's just put it this way: I long for the day when a Christian book can have lots of aliens in it and be appreciated and successful. There, I said it.

So let's see what I can find by rummaging around in the other blogs in the next few minutes:
  • Keanan Brand has some interesting thoughts about the visibility of the Christian Writers' Guild label and on how Pawlik created suspense in his book.
  • Grace Bridges has a brief interview with Pawlik that contains one of the most disgusting and apt metaphors for writing I've seen in a while.
  • Beth Goddard saw through the supposed alien nature of the gray beings right away and, like me, seems to have been surprised by what it turned out to really be.
  • Poor Cris Jesse believes the post office took the book's title as some sort of command. Never fear, Cris, it's worth it!
  • Blog Tour Overlord Rebecca Luella Miller (we love you! Long may you reign!) suggests that this book might actually be Christian horror (I'd buy that) and she also has an interview with the author. And she hints at potential theological thorns that she'll (hopefully) elaborate on today.

I could probably go on, but I think those are some pretty good links there. Did I miss something? Go find out on your own:

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Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

"Overlord"? Hahah! At least it has a fantasy sound to it.

Honestly, until your posts, I didn't know aliens posed a problem with religious publishers. I guess I should have figured that out. But it's imagination ...

And what about Austin Boyd's Mars Hills Classified trilogy? Granted the aliens turned out to be .... Well, spoilers there, but the point is, the books were about aliens, wouldn't you say?


Tom said...
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Tom said...


Thanks very much for participating. I enjoyed your commentary. I'm right with you on aliens, though. I love a good alien sci-fi story. But I think many publishers--and Christians in general--just can't get past the theological implications.

Best regards,

Tom Pawlik