Monday, May 18, 2009

It's a good day to be a geek...

... for two very specific reasons:

Dollhouse has been renewed.

And so has Chuck!

The catch in both cases is that both shows are facing smaller budgets. In the case of Chuck, that could be problematic, since one of the great things about Chuck is its superb ensemble cast. I'd hat to see any of them go, but you can be sure at least one or two of them will be sent packing.

But even still, it's great that both of them will be back in the fall.

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Jason said...

So John, I have a question for you on these shows. I watched the pilot for Chuck on a great recommendation from a friend. The show then proceeded with the cut scene between Chuck and Sarah getting ready, her in her underwear with very sexy silhouettes. I've seen numerous other promos for the show with her features prominently, uh, featured. Of course, Dollhouse's ads have been in a similar vein.

I know we all have our own standards of what our conscience will allow us to watch, and the Spirit convicts us when needed. Yet I wanted your take on watching these shows, even promoting them in this post, in regards to these issues.

Please hear me that I'm not trying to be condemning. I really am interested in your perspective. I was interested in both shows, but I couldn't go there with either of them. I am curious on your thought process.

Know that I respect your opinion from our blogging interaction (and Kotor addiction, but that's another story).