Friday, August 25, 2006

Trojan Horse for the Force

Okay, this is a day late, but here we go.

Like I said, I started reading Kathy Tyers before I knew she was Christian or had written any Christian science fiction. Because of this, I had a rather interesting experience reading Balance Point, her second Star Wars novel and part of the The New Jedi Order series of books. If you haven't read the books and ever plan to, don't check out that link. Major spoilers. Anyway...

I don't want to give away too much. The basic idea is that Jacen Solo (the son of Han and Leia Solo and a soon-to-be Jedi Knight) has to face off against a Yuuzhan Vong in a fight to death. Jacen has been having visions of this conflict for most of the book. At one point in the fight (either during it or immediately after; I honestly can't remember), Jacen has another vision where he is immersed in the Force.

Much to my surprise, the Force spoke to Jacen. In a fatherly voice, the Force addressed Jacen's fears and calmed him. It was an interesting scene, one that left me saying, "Huh?"

Let's face it, up 'til that point, the Force was supposed to be an amorphous, impersonal energy field generated by living beings that could be manipulated by Jedi (both Light and Dark) and the Sith (although after what got added in Episode I, who can say?). To suddenly have the Force actually talking to a Jedi threw me for a loop.

But now that I can look back on it, well, duh! Trojan Horse! It was an interesting moment, seeing a little touch of Christianity sneaking into the Star Wars universe. Kind of fun.

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Siri Jaeh said...

Kathy Tyers is a Christian? I didn't know that. Well, until now. I like her Star Wars book, Truce at Bakura, very much. :)