Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Good News, The Bad News

This makes me so excited! I'm a huge fan of Karen Hancock's books. Her Legends of the Guardian-King series have been a real joy to read. Perhaps I should re-read them and post reviews on the blog....

Whatever the case, I finished the third book in the series a few months ago. I've been eagerly waiting to get my hands on the fourth and final book.

Well, today I went over to the website of Bethany Publishing House to do some research. I'm hopefully going to meet one of their editors in a month at the ACFW Conference so I can pitch my sci-fi trilogy. From what I've read, when you're pitching a book, you're supposed to be able to tell the editor why your book would fit into their publishing line. So I wanted to see what other sci-fi books Bethany had listed (strange thing is, I know that they've published more sci-fi than they've listed! I should know, I have those books on my shelves!).

At any rate, I checked the "speculative fiction" section and I noticed this cover! Doesn't it look cool? Very heroic. It made me smile to see this cover.

But there's always a smidge of bad news to go with the good. This book isn't scheduled for release until April of 2007. So while I can smile and drool over the cover art, I have to wait to find out how this terrific story ends.

Oh well.

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