Friday, July 07, 2006

Karma's Going to Get You!

I can't believe I didn't mention this earlier.

One of my (obsessive) hobbies is playing computer games. A few months ago, an acquaintance of mine told me about a game called Total Extreme Wrestling 2005. In it, you become the head booker of a professional wrestling promotion. You run a company, hiring and firing talent, booking matches, deciding who wins and who loses, who the champs are, all that sort of thing.

I kind of fiddled around with it for a little while, but then I found a way to really have some fun. On the website for the game, there are what are called dynasties. These dynasties are written by people who are playing the game. They post the results of their matches, they tell what happened, they tell the stories that they're telling in the game. Some are good. Some are great. A lot of them ... well, aren't.

Anyway, I started a dynasty for the Supreme Wrestling Federation, the game's version of the WWE. My dynasty has some loyal fans and I've had a lot of fun writing it.

This month, my dynasty was given a special honor of being stickied for all of July. My SWF dynasty will be at the top of the list so people can always find it. It's the way that the game developers reward what they consider good dynasties.

I had been hoping for this honor for a while and I'm glad it happened now. My dynasty is in the middle of a storyline that I've been wanting to run for a long time. The SWF has been invaded by a group called Karma and...

Wait. Why should I spoil everything? Click on the shirt below and see for yourself. Just remember. "Karma's going to get you!"

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