Saturday, July 08, 2006

Dragons in Our Midst

A few days ago, I finished another book. Yes, I'm a fast reader. It was Tears of a Dragon by Bryan Davis, the last book in the Dragons in Our Midst series. Since I haven't mentioned the other three books, I figured I'd do one mega-review.

This book series follows the adventure of Billy Bannister and Bonnie Silver, two children with unusual pedigrees. It turns out that they are both the descendants of dragons. Billy learns the truth when he discovers that he can breathe fire. Bonnie knew from a very young age since she grew a set of dragon's wings when she was little.

Both Bonnie and Billy discover that they're part of a larger prophecy, one made by Merlin during the time of King Arthur's court. They face off against a horde of enemies: humans who are the sworn enemies of dragons, demons, fallen angels, and a sinister woman named Morgan (yes, that Morgan if you're familiar with the Arthurian legends).

Davis does a superb job borrowing from Arthurian mythology and transporting the characters and concepts into the modern age. I have to admit, I was a little worried when I started reading this. After all, dragons in Christianity are usually associated with the "Big Dragon" (Rev. 12-14), namely Satan. But my doubts were put to rest after reading the very first page of the very first book. Davis handled the connection between Satan and dragons admirably.

Yes, this book series is intended for children, but I found that Davis was able to work in some very adult topics as well. He uses humor, sci-fi elements, and some really good Christian storytelling to make a great series. Go out and check it out for yourself.

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