Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Wordcount Wednesday

It's back!

I know, I haven't been very faithful in making weekly reports on my writing. But I decided to resurrect the concept since tonight, I started my newest project, namely Hive. Here's what it's about:

A pregnant teenager flees from her people and those who want to steal her baby.

I've spent the past week doing some foundational work. Last night, I hit "critical mass" on the project and realized it was time to start writing.

So tonight, I wrote the first 925 words. It's an introduction that may not survive the final draft, but it was a good way to "get my feet wet," so to speak.

It'll be an interesting journey, that's for sure.


Robynn Tolbert said...

It has been a while.
What about Failstate? Last I remember, you were in Revisionville. Is that over?
And Numb, your MLS entry? What's up with that?
I need more details. :)

John said...

Failstate is off with my agent right now. She's shopping it around.

Numb is going back into brief revisionville, so to speak, so I can send it to my agent as well.