Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Send Oboe Music!

Okay, so I've mentioned my friend Lauren (aka "OboeCrazy") before. She runs a musical version of Twitter called Musiter. She's also the voice of "This Week in Geek" on one of my favorite podcasts, The Late Nite Jengajam.

Anyway, Oboe is apparently moving from Akron, Ohio, to Seattle, Washington, next week. She's driving the whole way and she's looking for some rather unique help.

Oboe needs music.

That's right, she's looking for people to send her music that she will dump into her MP3 player and listen to on her cross-country trek. She promises to listen to it the whole way, so long as the file size is under 20 MB. She also says she'll post reactions to some of the more interesting selections that pop up for her.

I've already sent her a few files. Won't you join me? Here's the link to her trip page. Send Oboe some music so she doesn't go crazy while she's driving across our great nation. Or send her music that ensures she'll go crazy. I don't know. Just make her life more musical!

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Thank you :D

- Lauren (OboeCrazy)