Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wordcount Wednesday

So I don't have long to check in tonight. Gotta love Wednesdays during Lent. I'm not sure the alliteration I intended for this on-going posting is worth the hassle some nights.

It's been another productive week of writing. In fits and spurts, some long hours and a few minutes here and there, I've gotten Failstate up to 55,301 words. That means I added about 10,000 words since last week, which isn't too shabby. If I can keep that up, I might wrap this project by mid-April. Of course, that's only if the plot doesn't inflate out of control in the meantime and you never know. I set a goal of 80,000 words, but I have a feeling I'm going to overshoot. Not a horrible happenstance, mind you, but still somewhat problematic.

So here's a fun question for you. Can a book have a soundtrack? I know of only one that tried. For some reason I keep having the following song going through my head when I write. Hmmmmm.

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Robynn Tolbert said...

All my stories have soundtracks, and most of my characters have theme songs. Not uncommon at all.