Wednesday, April 22, 2009

CSFF Blog Tour: Blaggard's Moon Day Three

I hate to admit this, but I got nothin' for today. Well, almost nothing. How's this: if George Bryan Polivka continues to write excellent pirate fiction like Blaggard's Moon, there is only one thing that would make it better.


Seriously. Exploit the now legendary hatred between pirates and ninjas. That would make the book even more full of win.

Okay, I really do have nothing. Hopefully the other tourists will do better than me:

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Amy Cruson
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Jason said...

Ninjas? Brilliant! And Space Princesses! Aw, wait. Now we're entering Star Wars realms.

You'll have to check out my blog and do a search for "space princesses". I think you'll dig it.


Bryan Polivka said...

This was one of my favorite posts on the whole tour. You got me, Jason. Consider me a fan!

Bryan Polivka said...

Further to my last comment, you will have to read into the third book of the Trophy Chase Trilogy, but... Ninjas, or something like them, make an appearance. And I quote:
"He dressed his deadliest fighters in black, those trained to kill in silence hand to hand, and sent them to infiltrate the forest to the south, cutting off all hope of retreat into the underbrush. These were the Nochtram Eyn, hand-picked by Fen Abbaka Mux, and named by him. They were “Death from the Darkness,” silhouettes with special skills, men and women, mortach demal and assassins who, it was said, could appear and disappear at will. Five hundred Nochtram Eyn had infiltrated the forest, discovered paths into the woods." --The Battle for Vast Dominion

But I still love your post!
--George Bryan Polivka