Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Insert Generic Britney Spears Joke Here

Okay, I could have titled this post "Oops, She Did It Again!", but that would be too easy. So I went with the lazy way out for this post.

How many of you are subscribers to TIME magazine? Every week, when I get TIME, the first thing I do is turn to the "Notebook" section, which includes a collection of notable quotes from the previous week. This week, though, I found a quote that just ticked me off. Here it is:
"I have to tell the maid to buy diapers and get the pool boy to walk the dog? Can't I just make out with Kevin all the time? Being married sucks."
Britney Spears, complaining in Allure magazine about the responsibilities of family and stepchildren

Okay, Ms. Spears or Mrs. Federline or whatever I'm supposed to call her, I've had enough.

They say that confession is good for the soul, so I'll do what's good for my soul, even though it is a little embarrassing. I used to own two of Britney's CDs. I know, I know, I know. Thankfully, my wife made me get rid of them when we got married, and I have to say, it was a good thing. I've watched Britney descend into ridiculousness, and it's time for us to cut the cord and let her drop into the Bottomless Pit of Pop Obscurity. Ten years from now, people should be asking, "Britney who?"

Why? This quote is why. It shows that Britney has completely lost it. I don't know if being dumped by Justin Timberlake did it to her, but Britney is way the heck off base, and she's been slipping from base for many years now.

So here's an open letter to Britney, in case she ever stumbles into the Least Read Blog:


Oh, poor Britney. You steal away another mother's man and you think that it'll be like playing house when you were a little girl and mommy and daddy were making you dress up in wholly inappropriate clothing for the first time? You thought that it would be wine and roses? I bet a lot of parents wish that they had a maid who could get diapers or a pool boy to walk the dog. I'd be willing to bet they wished they had a respite to just collapse for five seconds, even if making out with their significant other isn't involved.

Britney, come back to the real world soon. You need it.

Okay, that's it for me right now. Maybe I'll complain about another pop icon in the next couple of days. After Easter, though. Gotta get through that first.

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Tristan said...

Haha...AMEN, bother!