Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wordcount Wednesday

So I'm doing my wordcount update a bit early today because I don't think I'll be getting any more writing done today or tonight. I just finished another read-through of Numb and fixed some time-line issues (I had accidentally introduced some temporal jumping that made little sense once I charted it all out). I guess next I'll be moving on to work on Return of the Mourning Dove some more.

But in the meantime, I need your help.

I've been talking about this for the past two weeks now, but I'm going to plug Marcher Lord Select once again. It's a publishing contest being sponsored by Marcher Lord Press. In the main contest, the on-line judges (that's you guys) will be able to pick a book out of 36 that will be published in spring of 2010. In the premise contest, three entries will be selected (out of the 49 that have been entered) to receive priority acquisition attention by Marcher Lord. The entries are now posted in the Anomaly, the forum board run by the publisher of Marcher Lord Press, and I want to encourage you to go check it all out. Free registration is required to participate. The voting for the first round starts in a week and a half (Nov. 13-15). You have to vote for at least three entries for your vote to count.

But I want you to do more than participate. I would like you to vote for my entries. I wasn't sure if I could reveal titles or anything like that, but I recently found out that I could.

So my entry in the main contest is The Last Expedition. It's listed in the first 10 entries. My entry in the premise contest is Numb and is toward the end of the entry list. I'm not demanding that you vote for my entries. If you read through the other entries and you find stuff you like better, I certainly understand and I encourage you to follow your own conscience. But please consider supporting me with your vote.

And if you'd rather hear my less-than-stellar voice explain all this, just click the player below.

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