Friday, April 19, 2013

FFF Part V --- Exploring Garretsburg

WHERE WE LEFT OFF: Staci and Leon have been joined by Bethany and her jerk of a boyfriend, Ray. They've driven from their college to Garretsburg and checked into a motel.


The next morning, the crew goes back to the vacant lot where Lisa's house once stood. Bethany whines about why they're there, filming an empty lot for no apparent reason. Leon replies that they're getting B-roll footage for Lisa's interview. He pans the camera across the field. There isn't much to see, mostly just dying grass. We see Staci and Bethany kicking through the grass. Then Ray shouts that he's found something. Tucked into some scraggly bushes is a strange ragdoll, looking like it was made out of a black towel and tied together to make arms and legs. Ray wonders out loud if it's a clue. Leon snorts and says it's unlikely.

"What are you kids doing?" a voice shouts.

The camera turns to reveal a sheriff's car parked next to the lot. An older gentleman, maybe in his late fifties, is leaning out of the window.

"We're filming a documentary," Staci said.

"You got a permit for that, right?" It's clear that the sheriff knows that they don't. "You go down to City Hall and get one, got it?"

The camera shuts off, only to turn on again in City Hall. Staci motions for Leon to keep quiet and they wait outside a door. We can hear snippets of an argument through the door, someone saying something about how "they won't find anything, don't worry."

Then the Mayor exits the room. He too is an older gentleman in his late 50s and almost appears to be "everyone's grandpa." He seems a bit surprised to see the students and the camera, but he plasters on a smile and thanks them for coming. He says he's already started the work on drawing up the permits and if they have any questions, they can come by and talk to him.

Staci brings up what happened to Lisa's house. The Mayor is still all smiles and replies that it was clearly an unfortunate accident, one that caused Lisa's dad to overreact. They go down to the clerk's window and get the permits. The Mayor agrees to meet with Staci and Leon the next day for an interview.

The footage cuts to that interview. The Mayor is seated behind his desk. Pictures of Garretsburg hang on the wall behind him. Staci asks questions about the property outside of town, the election, and the fire. The Mayor explains that the property is owned by the city and the person who donated it stipulated that the city had to hold on to it. That's why they couldn't sell it to Lisa's dad. As for the rumors of a rigged election, the Mayor denied any wrongdoing. He suggested that Lisa's dad was simply paranoid and jumping at everything. The fire was a tragic event but coincidental to it all.

Once the interview is over, he ushers Staci and Leon out of his office. Leon asks what they'll do next. Staci looks upset. She stares at the Mayor's office door and says, "He's lying. I know he is. C'mon, let's get the others and head to the library for some research."

So what will they find? Tune in next week to find out!


Bainespal said...

I wonder if there is anyone in the town who is sympathetic to the students, or to Lisa's family, or just doesn't feel right about the coverup -- someone who might leave a tantalizing, shifty clue.

I don't know what is meant by "We see Staci and Bethany kicked through the grass." Who's kicking who? What exactly is Leon's camera recording?

Anyways, very interesting!

John said...

D'oh! Should have been "kicking," not "kicked." Thanks for the catch. I've gone back and fixed it.

Lex Keating said...

I don't think I've ever watched more than two minutes of a found footage film. So I don't know if it's my unfamiliarity with the genre or the way we get little snippets every week. But I want more information in each segment than is given. And not always in a "ooh, this is good give me more" kind of way. :(

But, I like the idea of trying to unravel a mystery within a mystery and how the two are connected, so I'm coming back. I get a constant impression of a deserted town, because the only people caught on camera seem to be the small crew and certain townspeople. Which can be good or bad, I think, depending on what you do with it. Why wasn't Leon filming in the clerk's office, and why wasn't Staci asking questions then? I would have thought local gossip (or digging for it) would be high on the list of useful tidbits for these budding newsies. And perhaps some bits of Leon catching Ray being a useless twit--even if it's in the background--to keep all the threads of the story moving along...?