Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Let's talk Prom!

This last Saturday, I hosted a release party for Failstate: Legends. As a result, I didn't post my usual "Let's talk..." column about the new book. So I'm making up for it a little late. But instead of talking Legends, let's talk about prom.

More specifically, what happens when a superhero goes to the prom?

While I was editing Legends, I realized something kind of embarrassing. There was a continuity glitch between the two books. Not a major one, mind you, but it was enough to make me realize that I had left a major thread dangling, one that I felt had to be tied off. But doing so in Legends would take up a lot of space and, I realized, it wouldn't really contribute much to that book.

What to do, what to do?

Well, I decided that I would write a short story to help bridge the two books. It could deal with that loose thread and provide a little fun.

Thus Gauntlet Goes to Prom was born. It's not very long, approximately 44 pages, but it helps bridge the two books. I had a lot of fun writing it and I had a lot of fun working with Carlo and Kat, the artists who created the covers for the books. And now I'm glad to say that for a little while longer, it's FREE to download from Amazon.

But it won't stay free for long.

So if you want to see what happens when a superhero goes to the prom, be sure to click on over to Amazon and pick this up.

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