Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Wool Omnibus

I love a great success story, and Wool - Omnibus Edition is certainly that.

Imagine a future where the only human survivors live inside an underground silo. There's a definite hierarchy to the silo. There's the up top and the down deep. There are rules and law, the chief of which is this: don't talk about the outside world. That kind of talk gets you sent out for a "cleaning." But what happens when a young woman from the down deep to be the silo's new sheriff. This upsets the status quo and threatens to tip the silo into absolute chaos.

I can't say much more than that due to spoilers and all that, but this was a fantastic read. Hugh Howey did a fantastic job of creating a believable world with some great characters. I felt completely immersed in the silo's world and there were times I wished I could join the story to help out. I had to keep reading.

What makes this even greater is that Howey is a publishing revolution success story. Howey published the first story in this omnibus as a stand alone short story via Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing service. It became so popular that he wrote more stories and he's even sold the movie rights.

So if you want a good sci-fi, dystopian read, be sure to check this one out.

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