Sunday, July 03, 2011

Weddings & Wasabi

A very sweet coda to a great series.

I know it's odd that I would read romantic chick-lit like Weddings & Wasabi by Camy Tang, but I met Camy at the first ACFW Conference that I ever attended, so when I heard that she had started publishing her Sushi Series, I was curious what it was all about. And once I read Only Uni, I was pretty much hooked. So I had to read this last book to see how it all wrapped up.

Jenn Lim has just graduated with her culinary degree and now faces a crisis. Her Aunty has pretty much demanded that she come to work in her restaurant, but Jenn has had enough of being a doormat, so she defiantly decides that she is going to be a caterer, starting with her cousin Trish's wedding. And maybe her rebellion could also include that handsome man riding a Harley that she just met too.

I had a lot of fun reading this book, but there was one thing that had me a little upset: it's so short! This one clocks in at 110 pages, so there's not a lot of room for plot development. Everything is pretty much straight-forward and, in some cases, a little rushed. I can sort of understand that: Camy had to self-publish this book, so I suspect that finances played a part in the book's length, but I was a little disappointed that we couldn't spend a little more time with Jenn and her cousins.

But this book was able to do what it had to. It wrapped up a lot of the through-lines of the Sushi Series (especially the one about Grandmother) and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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