Friday, June 10, 2011

Ether Ore

I've read a lot of short story anthologies before (usually sci-fi or fantasy ones), but I've never seen one of Christian fiction. Well, never fear, the good folks at Marcher Lord Press have filled the niche with Ether Ore, a collection of short science fiction stories put together by half a dozen of their authors and the main man himself, publisher Jeff Gerke.

What surprised me (and threw me off a little at first) is the fact that the majority of the short stories are framed in a larger story, a continuation of Jeff Gerke's initial tale of armless robots. The rest fold in. Like I said, that confused me for a moment. I had to go back and reread some parts before I caught what was happening. My bad.

But the stories definitely weren't. Bad, that is. There was some fun stuff in this book, from some space opera from Steve Rzasa to a post-apocalyptic story from award-winning author Kirk Outerbridge. All of them were a great read, but if I had to pick my favorite, I'd have to say Graxin by Kerry Nietz. That's just my opinion but I'm sticking with it.

At $3.99 (at present), this is a great deal for some great stories.

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Jill Williamson said...

Thanks for reading the book, John. I still haven't had a chance to, and I made the Kindle version... Bad, Jill!