Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Could Star Wars happen today?

I just read this interesting article by Gary Kurtz, the producer of Episodes IV and V. Basically he asks and answers the question of whether or not we could witness a movie phenomenon like Star Wars overtaking everyone.

His answer seems to be: "Maybe not."

Here's the part that really got my attention:

Could Star Wars happen again today? It's hard to say because things were so different back then. The biggest difference is that it's now impossible to keep anything secret because there's too much information surrounding a film before anyone has even seen it. Even screenplays are published online prior to release.

In 1977 only a few thousand people knew about Star Wars when it first arrived in cinemas, but it spread like wildfire and soon there were queues everywhere. These days you would never see that because everybody gets into the first screening they want to get into, even if the movie is doing really well. Back then a film might open in just a few cinemas nationwide. When I lived in New York we used to drive around and see if there were any queues for the latest [Ingmar] Bergman. If there was nobody outside you wondered if it wasn't any good.

It's an interesting read and it won't take you long either.

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