Monday, November 15, 2010


Let's just get this out of the way: I'm the wrong gender for this book. If I didn't know Jenness Walker from ACFW (and still suffered from residual guilt from laughing at her two years ago; long story), it probably wouldn't have blipped on my radar. But here we are: I just recently finished Bliss by Jenness Walker and Tracy Bowen. Not surprisingly, I've learned that straight chick-lit is not my cup of tea. Or designer handbag. Or something equally girlie, probably made sparkly with ribbons and bangles or some such thing.

Indie Moore is on a search for her bliss and she's bound and determined to find it. Using the advice found in her daily horoscopes, she moves from Nebraska to Florida, with no home, no job, and no idea how she'll find what she truly needs. She falls in with an odd assortment of characters, who give him jobs, a roof over her head, and a new perspective. There's Ellie, a work-a-holic artist with her own pottery shop, Meredith and Bo, bakery owners, Leah, an author who cleans houses on the side, and Nick, the hunky boat captain. Indie struggles with her up-bringing (a flighty Mom into just about every New Age-y thing imaginable) and with finding where she actually belongs.

Again, keep in mind, I do not have enough X chromosomes to be considered part of the target market, so I think it's understandable that I didn't really get into this book. It was well written, don't get me wrong. Indie is a great and vibrant main character and I often found myself chuckling at her misadventures. I did wonder at times if the portrayal of her mother was all that realistic (she seemed a bit over-the-top at times), but otherwise, I enjoyed myself while reading this book.

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jenness said...

Hahaha!! I wondered if you would finish it! Thanks--I will never doubt your friendship. lol. And I will read your stuff, no matter how Star Trekky you go on me. :-)