Sunday, May 18, 2008

Prince Caspian

Let's talk Prince Caspian.

I went with about a dozen people from my congregation this afternoon and caught a matinee.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect, given the mixed reviews I've seen. This one, for example, ticked me off since Gleiberman tripped up over the identity of the river god. Read the source material, fer cryin' out loud.

The movie itself started off slow. At least, I thought it did. Well, maybe not slow. But I question the wisdom of beginning the movie in Narnia with the birth of Miraz's son (and don't worry, none of that could conceivably be considered a spoiler). I worry that those unfamiliar with the story (Owen Glieberman, for example) might wonder where all the sons of Adam and daughter of Eve came from. Perhaps I'm being overly worried.

Things picked up after the opening. The times that the film makers engaged in dramatic license worked. I also appreciated the extra depth that the script writers added to Peter. Susan too. Kind of. I figure since she gets such a raw deal in the last book, it's a gimme.

Overall, I found it a fun movie that serves both as entertainment and as a jumping off point for deeper philosophical considerations. For example, what happens when we don't follow God and try to go our own way? We may succeed for a while, but ultimately, it will not go as smoothly.

Anyway, go see the movie. If for no other reason, than for Reepicheep. Eddie Izzard voiced him perfectly.

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Heather Ann said...

I LOVED Prince Caspian! But was kindof disappointed that they changed the moonlight walk of faith scene. (If you've read the book, which it appears you have, I think you know which scene I mean.) I think the movie still works, and still gets across the message, but...I was waiting for that amazing moment!