Wednesday, April 09, 2008


One of the magazines I've enjoyed for the past several years was Computer Gaming World, which was recently rechristened Games For Windows. I loved getting it every month. The reviews were always helpful, the articles insightful and thought provoking. I've even become a regular listener to their (almost) weekly podcast, even though I can't condone half of the things they say every week.

So you can imagine my distress when I learned tonight that Games for Windows has folded. This really stinks. This is the magazine that clued me in to such gems as Psychonauts and warned me off of such half-baked stinkers such as Evil Genius). I looked forward to each issue as it helped me learn more about a favorite past-time of mine. It's where I first learned of Spore and is the reason why I bought Bioshock and The Orange Box (although I do need to upgrade my computer to play the former).

The sad thing is that while Jeff Green bravely predicts this has a silver lining, I'm not sure it does for me. I'm not that much of an on-line denizen apart from I preferred getting my gaming news via snail mail. It meant I could enjoy it at my own pace in a comfy chair. I'm not sure I'll make the jump to

So I guess this is good-bye, GFW. I wish it could have ended some other way.

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Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

And here I thought you would be announcing your status as ACFW Genesis finalist, John!

Congratulations, again.