Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wordcount Wednesday Redux

I really did not think I was going to make it. Honestly. There was so much packing to do, so many little things to take care of before this week-long vacation. I kept looking at where I was in the book and where I had to be to consider it ended. And I was sure I'd need to keep working for at least another two or three days after we got back from vacation.

But I made it. Numb is in the can, so to speak. I just put the final words down on the screen.

So here's the final count. 76,294 total words, forty four chapters plus an epilogue, 319 pages total. That means that I added a whopping 12,193 words to the manuscript since Wednesday night. I honestly don't know how I pulled this off.

But the victory is a bit bittersweet. I think this is probably the messiest first draft I've ever written. Seriously. There are at least a dozen scenes that I'll need to put in when I go back and rewrite this thing. I think I made a major reveal three different times and I don't think I got the timing right with any of them. The last five chapters were sprinted through at best and need fleshing out.

But hey, the rough draft is done! I can go on vacation with a clear conscience, knowing that I made my goal. Like I said on Wednesday, I'll be looking at The Escape, a secular fantasy I wrote last November and marking up the pages as much as I can.

As for Numb, this one goes on the shelf for July. I'll come back to it in August and start cleaning it up. But for now, I did it!

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