Monday, March 08, 2010

Is "Scrubs" Going Off the Air? (and do I care?)

This is really odd. Earlier tonight, I was on Facebook and I saw an update from "Scrubs" that said that the series finale would be coming up soon. The exact wording was thus: "Scrubs is inviting you to celebrate the series finale - share your favorite Scrubs memory in the fan photo gallery."

Bah-wha? Did I miss something? I searched the fan page for any official link. Then I headed over to both ABC's and Entertainment Weekly's website and even did a Google News search. Nothing. So that left me wondering: is Scrubs on the way out?

But it provoked a more important question: do I even care?

That's the strange thing. I used to love Scrubs. I've mentioned that before, yes? I loved the off-beat humor, the strange fantasy sequences, and especially Dr. Perry Cox. I was not happy with the way NBC dumped on it in the seventh season. I loved the way it got its mojo back on ABC for the eighth. And I was cautiously optimistic when they rebooted the series, keeping a few of the regulars and retooling it to be about med school.

And then the show went on hiatus. I honestly can't remember the last time I watched a new episode (although according to IMDb, it was back in late January). This past week, as I was trying to figure out the new post-Olympics schedule, I realized that Scrubs would be on this Wednesday.

Now you'd think that a show I've enjoyed for eight years would prompt, oh, I don't know, excitement or anticipation. In this case, it prompted a profound "Huh." No excitement. No anticipation. Just a note that I'd better set the VCR.

I guess if push comes to shove, I won't be sad if Scrubs is done after this year. Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed this season. There have been some laugh-out-loud moments, but nowhere near as great as the early ones. The new cast doesn't have the sparkle or the depth of the original. Lucy, for example, is a pale imitation of JD. While the whole thing is serviceable, it's not stellar. Scrubs deserves better.

So if this is truly the end, my friends, bon voyage. Thanks for the memories. It's been nice to know you. If only you had gone out with your head held high.

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