Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Win a bunch of books!

No, not from me. But from ubertalented chick-lit author Camy Tang!

Those few of you who follow my blog know that I loved Camy's Sushi series. Well, tonight I noticed that she is giving away boxes and boxes of Christian fiction. I hopped on over to her website immediately and wound up drooling all over my keyboard at the selection.

Okay, granted, most of the books in the box aren't my cup of tea. Or can of Coke, as it were. But there are enough good ones in there that I entered immediately. Personally, I'm hoping for Box #14. Or maybe not, now that I took another look at the list. That first book has me a bit wary...

But whatever. You want books? Camy has them for you! Go and check out the details of her contest. GO GO GO!

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