Monday, December 11, 2006

Some Good News For Me

I didn't want to post about this here just yet, but now it would appear to be official, so I'll go ahead...

I have sold my first short story!

It's a fantasy tale called "The Jewel of Creation". I was able to sell it to Leading Edge and it will appear in the April 2007 issue. I'm currently awaiting galleys for the story and I even had to answer some questions for an artist that will be drawing some sort of picture to go with the story.

It's a good first step for me, I think. And, as my friend Mir pointed out, any magazine that publishes Orson Scott Card is all right by me.


Anonymous said...

Well, congratulations! How wonderful!

Best regards, Chrisd (from Lost Genre Guild and from CSFF Blog Tour)

Jamison said...

Hey dude! Congratulations!!! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Consider this a bonus congrats, since I beat the rush at ACFW forums. :)


Anonymous said...

Whooooooo!!! Congrats!!

Askinstoo said...
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