Wednesday, December 13, 2006

CSFF Blog Tour: "Trackers" - Day Three

CSSF Blog Tour

It's our final day on Trackers, a truly excellent book. If you haven't gone out and obtained a copy of it, what are you waiting for? Heck, just click on the link back there and order one from Amazon. I won't be offended. Just make sure you hit the "back" button when you're done and come visit me again.

Anyway, enough silliness. What I thought I would mention today was the excellent website that Kathryn Mackel has put together for The Birthright Project. It's pretty simple, but it has enough bells and whistles on it to really be fun.

What I found interested was the "What Kind of Hero Are You?" quiz. This on-line test asks you a number of questions about your personality and then tells you how you would fit into the Birthright Project. Yesterday it told me that I would be a good Tracker. I'm not exactly sure why it thought so; truth be told, I'd probably make a better Builder.

I also found it interesting that Mackel is offering a "Create a Mog" contest. So much of her books deal with genetically altered animals (or "mogs") that are used as weapons and fortifications (the Wall of Traxx still fascinates me), so she's offering readers a chance to design a mog for the third book in the series. I have an idea for one that I may just submit. Whether I win or not, I'll be looking forward to Scouts, but I'm a little worried given what Shannon McNear wrote today. I hope the rumors aren't true and/or that WestBow changes their mind.

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And one last personal note: according to Blogger, this is my 100th post on this blog. Wow. I thought I had only written half that. But then, I can be a wordy little bugger when I don't intend to be.... Oh well.

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Becky said...

Hey, John, Valerie has a littly Q & A with Mackel in her post today about the end of the Birthright Project. You might want to check it out. I'm glad you enjoyed the book.