Saturday, August 04, 2012

What Can Videogames Teach Us About Backstory?

So earlier this week, I was a presenter at the NextGen Writer's Conference, an on-line conference for teenage writers. It was an absolute blast! Rather than just write a post, though, I decided to go all high-tech and do a video. And here it is:

This won't be the last videogame/writing related video you'll see from me, though. I have a few more ideas and, at future conferences, I'll be presenting more of them. And I'll always be sure to share in this little corner of the Web as well.

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Bainespal said...

The clip from Half Life 2 showed the best technique for games, in my opinion -- giving the player the story in response to actions taken in the normal form of gameplay. In a first-person shooter, you basically walk and shoot, so in Half Life 2 you see NPCs spitting out little bits of backstory as the player walks by them. The dialog selection technique from Mass Effect is interesting, but it's less desirable because it uses a different interaction method (choosing from a list of potential character decisions) from the primary mode of gameplay.

I agree that infodumps in novels correspond pretty closely with cutscenes in games; both are usually undesirable. The issue is complicated, however, because reading a novel doesn't require the same kind of interaction as any kind of gaming does.

Great video!