Thursday, February 02, 2012


And there we go, folks. Ronie Kendig's excellent Discarded Heroes series ends with Firethorn.

The men of Nightshade are in deep. Someone has decided that they have to go. First to go is Griffin Riddel, framed for supposedly murdering a senator. Then the rest of the team is taken out in a daring daylight raid. But who would want to destroy Nightshade?

That's what Kazi Faron has to find out. She's been hired to bust Griffin out of the Supermax prison that holds him and reassemble the team. But that's not an easy order, not with the individual men scattered across the globe and held in enemy hands. Will Griffin and Kazi succeed?

I really enjoyed this book. Only there was one small problem, a minor fly in the ointment: I should have re-read the other three books before tackling this one. There are a lot of threads from the other Discarded Heroes that come together for the tapestry that is Firethorn (yeah, I was over-reaching there and I know it). As a result, I often found myself scratching my head as I read, only to realize a few pages later, "Oh, wait, that's so-and-so who did such-and-such in this-or-that." By and large I did okay, but it was a disorienting feeling. So word to the wise: read the previous three books first before this one.

There's action, romance, and redemption to be had. This is a treat that can't be beat. I can't wait to see what Ronie Kendig does next.

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