Sunday, April 11, 2010

This does not inspire confidence...

As I wrote in my previous post, our home computer broke the Saturday before Easter. We took the tower in to Best Buy's Geek Squad to see if they could suss out what was wrong and either repair it or pronounce it dead. The tower would beep three times, wait a few seconds, and then repeat the same sequence. It reminded me a little of Morse Code.

At any rate, the resident Geek who checked it in said that either the memory had gone bad or the motherboard had died. If it was the former, we'd just replace the RAM and move on. If it was the latter, well, then the computer was DOA and we'd need to get a new one.

This past Friday, we finally heard back from them and we were told that the motherboard was, indeed, dead. They had attempted replacing the RAM and had no luck. So yesterday I bought a new desktop with a bit more oomph to it (twice the RAM, better graphics card, faster processor) and asked the Geeks to transfer the old hard drive into an external case. This afternoon, I was able to pick up the new computer and the old hard drive. They also handed over the "case notes" for the old computer. I think they forgot to remove some of the paperwork. I found this note in the file:

In case you're having trouble reading it, the first entry reads "Have no idea why unit is like this." Someone else wrote under it, "My suggestion would be to turn it on and investigate the issues." Three days later, the writer of the original entry added "Unit beeps when turned on."

Three. Days. Later.

This does not inspire confidence.


Avily Jerome said...

My hubby is a computer repar guy. Some of his best clients are former Geek Squad clients who have had similar situations to yours. :)

TCHusker - Nate said...

hmmm... doesn't make me want to use Geek Squad--ever.