Thursday, February 21, 2008

JengaJam: The Aftermath

So I just got done with the Late Nite JengaJam and I think it went pretty well. There were some technical difficulties in the show but it's all good.

To be honest, I know I'm not as fascinating as some of the Jengaship's past and previous guests, but that's okay. We had a great conversation that ranged over a number of topics. And, as promised, here are the links to a bunch of the stuff we talked about:

Grey Dog Software (with an "E," not an "A!" Great) - The home of Total Extreme Wrestling 2007, a great wrestling promotion simulator

SWF - This Means War! & MWA - This Means War! - The dynasties I write in connection with the aforementioned game

The Leading Edge Magazine - The first magazine to publish one of my short stories. And if their website wasn't currently broken, I'd post a link to the actual issue, but there you go.

Irruption in Dragons, Knights & Angels - My second published short story in all its glory.

Marcher Lord Press - The print-on-demand publishing company I mentioned and my only hope for getting my science fiction series published!

The Sparrow & Children of God by Mary Doria Russell - I mentioned these in the podcast and they're well worth the read. You can see my reviews here and here.

The various writings of Dr. Paul Maier - All of it good stuff

Books written by Sharon Hinck - Also very good stuff

The World's Last Night - Contains the essay "Religion and Rocketry," Lewis's musings on how Christianity and alien life forms would intersect

Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis - Fantastic book, very complex, very worth the read.

The Jolly Green Giant statue in Blue Earth, Minnesota - Just to prove it's real. I miss you, big guy!

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