Saturday, August 19, 2006

Yet Another Crazy Idea!

So I've been mulling over a crazy idea for the past couple of days....

As my more loyal readers (what few there are) know, I've blogged about the similarities between the movies The Clonus Horror and The Island. I was first tipped off about the similarities between the two movies and the fact that the latter may have plagiarized the former by The Agony Booth, a great website for reading about really, really bad movies. Think Mystery Science Theater 3000, but only on the Internet.

Anyway, I recently read the Agony Booth review of "The Island", which included a section on the similarities between Michael Bay's "masterpiece" and "Clonus". And that got me to thinking. Maybe I should see if I can spot the similarities as well.

I actually have a copy of "Clonus". MST3K ripped this movie apart during one of their last seasons on the Sci-Fi Channel. Getting "The Island" would be easy enough as well. I'm thinking that on one of my days off, I would devote a morning or an afternoon to watching the two back-to-back, "Clonus" first and then "The Island", just to see how much Bay ripped off.

I've done stupid things like this before. One time, in college, I decided to watch Ed Wood and then Bride of the Monster back-to-back. I had seen "Bride" before (again, thanks to MST3K), but I had always fallen asleep while watching it. But after watching "Ed Wood" first, I was able to appreciate "Bride" a bit more because most of "Ed Wood" is concerned with the filming of "Bride". Good stuff.

So will I do it? Who knows? But if I do, I'll let you all know what I discover.

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