Friday, July 28, 2006

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Last night, Jill and I went out to see this movie and, I have to say, we had a lot of fun with it.

The story is basically about Matt Saunders (played by Luke Wilson) who goes out on a date with a girl named Jenny. What our hero doesn't realize is that Jenny is really G-Girl, a superhero. At first, our hero thinks that this is pretty cool, but as he realizes that he doesn't love Jenny but is in fact in love with someone else, he has to break up with Jenny, who doesn't take it all that well.

The plot was very funny. Luke Wilson was great as Saunders. Rainn Wilson turns in a great performance as Saunders' sleazy friend. And Eddie Izzard! Oh my gosh! I had forgotten that he was even in this movie. I loved his character, Dr. Bedlam, a man with a connection to Jenny's past that drove him to supervillainy. I almost fell out of my chair when the end credits listed him as Bedlam. He was absolutely pitch-perfect.

I also appreciated the plot because it made me wonder something: so many superheroes gain their powers through exposure to some foreign element (i.e. a radioactive meteor, a radioactive spider, cosmic rays, a mystic hammer, etc.) that seems to only affect them physically. It rarely changes them mentally. Why is that?

This movie, though, had a few negative points. First of all, Ivan Reitman liked his computer generated blurry effects too much. The first time I saw G-Girl fly, she was trailed by a blurry effect that I thought was kind of cool. The only problem is, you see that effect just about every time she uses her power. Very annoying after a while.

Second, the performance of Anna Faris kind of fell flat. At first, I thought she did okay as perhaps the only straight man in the entire movie, but eventually, I realized that she basically kept showing the same emotion, dull surprise, over and over and over.

And the third and final gripe really isn't about this movie in particular. Why do people consider Uma Thurman beautiful? She does absolutely nothing for me. Oh well. To each their own, I guess.

While we're at it, let's talk about the previews that we saw with this movie. None of them made me want to go to the movies:

Pathfinder - A Viking boy is left behind after a raid on Native American villages. He's raised by the Native Americans and, when the Vikings come back, he fights to save the tribe. Eh.

Beer League - Artie Lange leads a group of slackers to an eventual victory so their team can stay in a beer league as opposed to a team made up of jerks. I think I may have given away the entire plot there, but you know what, I don't care. This looks like a movie that would just be a waste of two hours.

John Tucker Must Die! - No way. Not gonna happen, not even after watching the trailer. As Jill said so well, "This would be two hours of my life that I would never get back." I mean, we've seen this kind of crap before. How much you wanna bet this is the plot: Cheater-boy John Tucker has broken the hearts of X number of girls. They get a girl to pretend to fall in love with him so she can break his heart. Instead, she falls in love with him and he with her "for real", much to the frustration of the X number of exes who eventually fall in love themselves and forget their mad-cap scheme of humiliation.

But I will say this. Does anyone else think Jesse Metcalfe in this movie bears a striking resemblance to Mark-Paul Gosselar from Saved By the Bell? Maybe they hoped Jesse's jet black hair would conjure up memories of Zach Morris.

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